I do! Spotlight – Platton

Hello!  Jen here!  Today’s I do! Spotlight features the winner of our 2016 Mr. Anthony’s Bridal Spectacular Social Media Contest!

Marissa and Chris are just about the cutest couple ever!  You can really tell they have immense love and respect for eachother. We met Marissa at our bridal show booth during the bridal spectacular last year.  Marissa ended up winning $350 off any of our packages and after meeting with her, Chris (her Chris, not mine…), and her mom, she decided to book us for her wedding!

Engagement photos followed in early May and the session went so well we actually featured Marissa and Chris’ engagement session in our About Us video, click here to view that.


Marissa and Chris’ wedding was Black Friday, November 25, 2016 and despite some chilly temperatures, the wedding and reception were amazing.  Enjoy my favorite photos from their wedding.





Bridal Show Review-2017

Hello! Jen here!  Today I want to talk about the Eastwood Mall Bridal Extravaganza that Chris and I worked this past weekend.  This bridal show was held at Eastwood Mall in Niles, Ohio on Jan. 21 & 22, 2017.  This was the first time Jennifer Bacha Photography attended this particular show and to be completely honest, we had a blast!


Chris and I had gone back and forth on which bridal shows we were going to attend this year and decided a two day event would give us the best reach.  We signed up and got our stuff together.  There is a lot of work that goes into these shows but I love it!  I love the planning process.  I love the graphic design process.  I love the marketing process.  I love it all.  In addition to professionally processing our best photographs, I created our new price list, new business cards, water bottle labels, professional portfolio, new logo even!  We really focused on details!

Chris couldn’t get off work to help with setting up the booth so my AMAZING dad stepped up and was there.  Setting the booth up took a little over an hour and a half, so not bad at all!

The biggest difference we noticed between last year’s bridal show season and this show was how awesome having a two day event was.  Last year we attended one day shows and the influx of brides was so overwhelming that as much as Chris and I tried to talk to everyone, we couldn’t.  It was definitely a huge plus being able to speak to each bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, etc. on a personal level and get to hear some great engagement stories, honeymoon plans and dream wedding ideas.  This show was a huge success for us.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some photographs of our booth. Enjoy!


I Do! Spotlight – Scherr Wedding

Hello! Jennifer here!  I want to start doing bi monthly wedding spotlight blogs.  Twice a month I’m hoping to share about weddings I’ve photographed and what I enjoyed, lessons I learned and funny things that happened behind the scenes.

Today I want to talk about one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph.  Let’s start at the beginning…


In January of 2016, Chris and I were working our bridal show booth at the Mr. Anthony’s Bridal Spectacular.  We were talking to tons of brides and handing out our information like crazy.  All of a sudden, a long lost friend from high school appears with her mom and her beautiful baby girl.  Big hugs followed as well as small talk and turns out that her older sister is getting married and needs a wedding photographer!  Oh me! Me! pick me!  Her sister, Jamie lives in Boston but the wedding is going to be here at home!  Her mom took our information and after a quick phone conversation she booked us!  We couldn’t have been more thrilled.  The fact that I knew the bride and her family only added to my excitement.  It had been years since we had seen each other but I can still remember going over for sleepovers, playing with the Ouija board, throwing pillows off the balcony in her house and thinking how neat it was that her parents had a copy machine!

Jamie made it in before her wedding over a holiday weekend and we met and discussed her wedding in detail.  Being that this was my first time photographing a Jewish wedding, she wanted to make sure I was comfortable.  Get that? SHE wanted to make sure I was comfortable.  Hey! That’s my job!  I’m supposed to make the bride feel comfortable!  I had done a ton of research before our meeting so I knew all the lingo (I had a hard time pronouncing some stuff) and I knew about the Jewish traditions.  It was a great discussion and Chris and I left feeling very informed.

Jamie married Jeremy on September 4, 2016 at Mr. Anthony’s Banquet Center in Boardman, Ohio.  It was beautifully thought out wedding.  I arrived at 9:30am to catch Jamie and her bridesmaids getting ready with hair and makeup.  I like starting my day with the bridesmaids because it gives them a chance to become accustomed to me being there, by the time they are in their dresses, they don’t even notice me anymore.  Which is exactly what I want.


While I was with the girls, Chris was photographing the guys getting ready a few buildings down at their hotel.  Once everyone was ready they loaded up on a big charter bus and we went to Boardman Park so that Jamie, Jeremy and Jamie’s father, could share a “first look.”  I’m not going to lie, it was beautiful.  The reaction that Jeremy and Jamie’s father had seeing Jamie for the first time all done up was magical.


After we took some formal photographs of the bridal party, we were running slightly behind schedule but I wanted to get some romantic photographs of just Jeremy and Jamie.  There were A LOT of people there, so Jamie sent everyone back to the hall with the exception of her sister and I was able to take some really intimate photos of just Jamie and Jeremy.


After we took the photos it was back to the hall for the ceremony.  I was preparing for the ceremony when all of a sudden I was called to the entrance of the hall.  Jamie’s grandfather had brought his amazing vintage car to the wedding and wanted a photo of Jamie and Jeremy with it.  Of course we obliged.


A lot of times during wedding ceremonies, the priest will ask us not to use flash or not to come up on the altar.  But, I’ve never been asked to stay in one spot for the entire ceremony.  Ah!  That’s what was asked of Chris and I, after a certain point during which was early on during the ceremony, we were not to use flash and we could not move.  Ok, cool.  So, we worked out a plan, Chris would stay in the back of the hall so that we weren’t blocking any guest’s view of the ceremony and I would stay off to the side out of the way as well.  I positioned myself so that I could catch Jamie’s face and her reactions.


After the ceremony was the reception which was being held on the other side of the hall.  The decorations were gorgeous and extravagant and…there was a table of CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS!!!


The rest of the night was just one big dance party with everyone, and I literally mean EVERYONE from Jamie’s nieces and nephews to her eldest relatives were on the dance floor.  I’ve never seen so much dancing and I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years.  It was really an amazing night.


The night ended with what I can only describe as a beautiful tribute to the parents of the bride and groom.  You’ll have to forgive me, as I don’t recall the actual name of the  Jewish tradition but being that Jamie was the last of her siblings to be married AND Jeremy was the last of his siblings to be married, their parents adorned flower crowns and sat in a row on the dance floor while everyone danced around them and offered their congratulations.


In all it was a beautiful night, a beautiful couple, and we got some really beautiful photographs.

Post Processing

Post Processing – Chris

Hey everyone!  Chris here with a blog post that revolves around what we call post-processing.  A lot of clients, and individuals in general, don’t fully understand what post-processing is, why it is necessary, and what additional challenges it can bring to the table when putting some final touches on the memories we have captured for you.

Let’s start during a shoot (best place anyway!).  During the opportunity to capture your memories there are literally a ton of things that are taken into account.  Just a small list of those things includes available light, temperature of the light, shadows produced by artificial lights, objects that don’t jive with the image itself, sudden photobombs (this happens ALL the time!), and a myriad of other things.  After filling our memory cards with your smiles, emotion, and the amazing memories you let us capture, we enter the post-processing phase.  Yes, photographing any event for you is also an event for us.  We tackle this in phases of preparation, application (the shoot itself), post-processing, then getting together with YOU to present how awesome you are!

During post-processing we take the thousands (literally!) of memories and attempt to find the very best ones.  We look for all sorts of things but the image has to convey the atmosphere, the feeling, the “moment” itself, and other emotional aspects.  After we sort through all the images we may like one image but someone had to blink.  Then we go to the next image and there is cat photobomb.  Then we go to the next ima… you get it.  In post-processing all is never lost (not always at least!).  We can make any adjustment you would want by request as well.  If you want to have the background of your wedding set on a martial landscape well, we can do that!

During this process we may focus on wrinkles, blemishes, and other artifacts that are image stealers.  Even if the image itself is literally perfect from every aspect there can still be things that “steal” your eye away from what the image is all about.  Even very tiny wrinkles can cast a small shadow looking like an outline, blemishes could show up through a flash, that darn cat, someone could blink, etc.  We aim to fix those things to bring the eye to the center of the action and not to some artifact that you can’t ever unsee.

We rarely get into “airbrushing” but we are absolutely capable of it.  Remember, if you request anything, we can pretty much make that happen for you!  Our goal is to provide the most natural looking image with the least amount of tweaks and removing of artifacts so that the moment is remember naturally.

What are the major limitations of Photoshop or post-processing?  Well, for starters, sometimes things just cannot be fixed.  An example of this would be a family portrait of blinking people where every picture has someone’s eyes closed.  In this extreme situation, it is possible to literally cut the heads off people in the “desirable” images to get one solid image where everyone has their eyes open.  When doing this you risk a lot.  Shadows may not fall correctly, slight wrinkles in shirt fabric could not line up, or the shot itself looks unnatural.  If someone cut your head off and put it on someone else’s body that wouldn’t be natural anyway!  This just exemplifies that although the preference would be to reshoot and get a great picture this is not always the case.  This level of post-processing is extremely time consuming as well.

The larger misconception of post-processing is that it is a few clicks of some buttons and voila, you’re done.  If that was the case, every person on Earth would be an award winning photographer.  Post-processing is a very time consuming process because it requires extreme attention to detail to literally thousands of images.  Without this attention to detail someday you may notice an artifact, a wrinkle, a blink, and you will never “unsee” those as time goes on.  Our goal is that the memory we’ve captured is exactly as you lived it whether it be wild and crazy or relaxed and comfortable.

In closing we capture memories.  We help people remember and relive perfect moments of their lives and that is the most rewarding part of it all.  We can get you to smile or make a serious face.  We could even replace your head with the head of that darn cat, but at the end of the day, your memory is serious business and we take it that way.  Seeing you smile when you instantly relive those memories and seeing how perfect they truly are is the very best part and exactly why we do this!

Hopefully this gives a little insight on post-processing and the complexities involved with it.  We can tailor any photo to any person and deliver on any request so challenge us!  After all, doesn’t a wedding on Mars sound amazing?!

Hey, it’s Jennifer. I edit the posts so I thought I would sneak in here and give a shout out to my mom! It’s her birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

Why did I chose to become a photographer?

I don’t know if I necessarily chose to be a photographer, it’s more like photography chose me. I know that sounds corny but hear me out. I come from an incredibly artistic mother and MacGyver can’t hold a flame to my dad.

Cook Forest

They have been married for 36 years and are a masterfully creative team. Extreme DIYers, if you will. Working on everything from adding a front and back cement and brick porch to their house to putting in an extra bathroom in the basement to painting murals and textures on their living room walls BEFORE it was cool. My mother has owned her own clothing business and is a master seamstress. There is absolutely nothing my father can’t build from the ground up with his own two hands. Most recently they embarked on another entrepreneurial endeavor, building and hand painting custom birdhouses and indoor/outdoor fire bowls under the name Mari & Bill Creative.  My parents have always supported my creative side and in addition to the normal art classes the school provided, I attended several after school art programs throughout my grade school years. My sophomore year of high school, my school district built a new high school which included a photography dark room. I signed up for the class however was denied enrollment because I did not have a camera. It was not until I graduated high school that I got my very first film camera (film?! What’s that??) With the help of my Uncle Tony (a.k.a. TT), my parents set me up with some basic photography gear, a camera and lens, some filters, a tripod, and a few canisters of film. My uncle is an avid nature photographer as well as a published author and our family’s historian, you can check out his nature photography photo books HERE
He helped jumpstart my interest in photography by giving me a Photography 101 crash course, fstop, shutterspeed, depth of field, composition; the list goes on and on. By the end of the summer I knew I would end up in a career revolving around the Fine Arts, I just didn’t know exactly what. So I enrolled at Youngstown State University in the Fine Arts program, taking the basic art classes that were required to move forward. My second semester at YSU I was able to enroll in Black and White Photography. After my first class, I was hooked. Photography is what I needed to do in order to express myself creatively. The dark room, the chemicals, rolling the film, the rush of seeing my contact sheet of new negatives, everything was so exciting. I graduated in the summer of 2007 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

Since then I’ve been working in photography in one manner or another. I photographed my first wedding in Spring of 2009 and haven’t looked back. Wedding photography is what I was meant to do.

Happy New Year!



A new year is upon us and I could not be more excited! Chris and I have big things planned for 2016. One of the biggest changes for Jennifer Bacha Photography is an entire business overhaul! What a way to start off 2016 with a bang! We are upgrading our website, logo, pricing, products, wedding packages, EVERYTHING! Everything is fresh, shiny and new.


We have been testing logos for a few months on our Facebook fan page and we have finally settled on this one:




We feel it best describes who we are as a couple, as photographers, and as a business; sleek and sophisticated, with a touch of whimsy. To keep up to date with our special offers and contests you can “like” our Facebook page HERE

Our new website has taken many hours to create and then recreate and then re-recreate (I’m just a little bit of a perfectionist), but it is finally done and live. After you finish reading this post, you can check it out HERE

Our new “About Me” video is currently being worked on and when it is up on our Youtube channel, you can see it HERE

Chris and I have already thanked, Chris Anthony for being an amazing videographer and editor, but we will do it again! Chris does amazing work ! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see behind the scenes videos of our photo shoots!


Our Instagram account is also in full swing with behind the scenes photos of our photo shoots as well as special contests exclusively for our Instagram followers. Follow us HERE and we will follow you back, because we love looking at photos too!!!


Our wedding packages and pricing structure have also had a major renovation. To better serve our clients we now offer archival quality prints, gallery canvases, and printed digital albums in addition to our popular high-resolution print quality USB thumbdrives. We are also offering a FREE Engagement session with certain wedding packages and our top tier package even includes a FREE 1-Year Anniversary Session. We are also offering for the first time ever a chance to get a FREE 16 x 20 canvas print of your favorite engagement session photo. Ask us how when you call to book your wedding with us. We understand every bride and groom is different and will have different needs, therefore we do offer custom packages based on your budget or you can choose from one of our four standard packages. Pricing starts at $1,500 with most couples investing $2,500.  Contact us for a quote HERE


We are very excited to be offering products in 2016 and have spent many hours researching to make sure we are only getting the highest quality of archival prints, galley canvas, and albums for our clients. We want your memories to last a lifetime and we are sure they will with our high quality products. In 2016 we are switching over from DVD’s to custom designed USB thumbdrives in order to get you the high resolution print quality digital files of your images. We are also offering five sizes of archival quality prints and three sizes of gallery wrapped canvas prints. The most exciting product we are now offering are our printed digital albums which come in three different page counts and include photos hand picked by the bride and groom and created by us!


page1b copypage2b copypage3a copypage3b copypage4a copypage2a copypage4b copypage5b copypage5a copy


Another new feature of our website is our custom online gallery with print ordering. After the newlyweds meet with us to review the photos from their special day, we will give them a link to their own customized online gallery that can be shared with family and friends so that they can purchase prints as well.


Also, this year will be the first year we will be attending a Bridal Expo. Chris and I are so incredibly excited and have been working really hard to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. We have created a booth that we are so proud of and hope to see a lot of people visit us at it. If you are newly engaged or know someone who is newly engaged send them this blog using this LINK We will be attending the Bridal Spectacular at Mr. Anthony’s Banquet Center in Boardman, Ohio on January 17th. Stay tuned for an overview of that show and a major contest announcement!


Well, there you have it, all the new stuff from Jennifer Bacha Photography.

Welcome to 2016.


Until next Friday, keep it classy photo people!